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Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction means more than getting sober. Clients must learn healthy ways to cope with stress and underlying mental health issues. While traditional forms of treatment are effective, each person should consider all avenues of healing. At Sanctuary Treatment Center, we offer holistic therapy at our rehab in Los Angeles, California.

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What is Holistic Rehab?

The word “holistic” refers to the “whole self” in recovery. In other words, holistic rehab helps a person in many areas of their health. This is vital for recovery since a drug or alcohol addiction impacts many parts of a person’s life. Thus, clients who engage in holistic rehab can improve recovery outcomes and their overall quality of life.

Holistic rehab uses approaches not typical in most healthcare settings. For example, holistic therapy at our California rehab facility include yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition. These approaches are then used along with traditional treatment methods for integrative health. In other words, holistic rehab complements traditional approaches, like medication and psychotherapy. 

Thus, holistic rehab in Los Angeles, CA is not a “one-size-fits-all” method of treatment. Instead, holistic rehab offers choices for clients. They can take several paths to wellness and combine holistic therapy with traditional therapy.

How Does Holistic Therapy in California Help?

Holistic therapy helps in many ways here in California. First, it offers additional coping skills for long-term recovery. The more tools a person has, the more likely they are to stay sober. Many of the skills a person gains during holistic rehab help to prevent relapse and manage triggers.

Holistic rehab helps restore a client’s health and wellbeing. Substance abuse adversely impacts a person’s mental and physical health. For instance, drinking alcohol can lead to malnutrition due to the empty calories in alcoholic beverages. These beverages make up a large portion of a person’s caloric intake without adding any essential nutrients. Therefore, nutritional guidance in holistic rehab helps balance a client’s eating habits.

It offers new ways to deal with stress. Often, clients use substances to manage stress in their everyday lives. Demanding work deadlines can cause a person to abuse stimulants to meet expectations, for example. Coping poorly with stress can also affect a person’s physical health, leading to issues like lowered immune system response. During our California based holistic rehab, clients learn healthy ways to cope with pressures like these and other stressors. 

This rehab addresses a client’s spiritual wellbeing. As a result of addiction, many clients lose a sense of purpose and meaning in life. They are mainly focused only on getting drunk or high. Holistic rehab helps clients focus on something outside of themselves.

Some people find meaning in volunteering during animal-assisted therapy. Still, others find new passions during art therapy. Holistic rehab offers clients a reason to abstain from substance abuse. In this way, it gives a person new things to focus on. In addition, holistic rehab restores a person’s vitality from the damage of drug and alcohol abuse.

What are the Benefits of Holistic Rehab in Los Angeles, California?

Our Los Angeles, California based holistic rehab benefits clients throughout recovery in many ways. During traditional treatment, a person’s spiritual wellness might be overlooked as well as their social health. Overall, holistic rehab helps to “round out” a client’s treatment plan. Clients have a brighter outlook for long-term recovery.

Additional benefits include the following:

  • Restore physical health and well-being

  • Improves the immune system

  • Helps to stabilize a person’s moods and behaviors

  • Reduces the chances of a relapse

  • Healthy ways of coping with stress and mental health issues

  • Finding purpose and meaning to recovery beyond physical sobriety

  • Better ways to manage emotional health

  • Offers healthy ways to socialize with others

  • Diversionary activities to help shift focus away from cravings

In short, our Los Angeles, CA holistic rehab helps clients focus on multiple areas of their lives in recovery. Remember that recovery from addiction is more than just getting sober. Recovery means adopting a healthy lifestyle to restore physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

What Does Holistic Rehab in California Look Like?

Many rehab programs now offer holistic therapy due to the many benefits. In California, our holistic rehab has many options to help clients. We realize that not everyone will like certain types of holistic healing. Therefore, we give our clients choices in their treatment plans.

The following are some of the holistic approaches at Sanctuary:

  • Food and nutrition

  • Art therapy

  • Music therapy

  • Mindfulness-based therapy

We invite you to try any of these programs. That way, you can see what works and what does not. Many people find holistic rehab opens them up to new interests. In addition, they can meet like-minded people interested in similar passions and a focus on recovery.

Begin Holistic Rehab in Los Angeles, California

Holistic rehab is a great way to treat your “whole self” in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. When clients find healthy ways of coping with stress, triggers, and mental health issues, they improve their chances of long-term recovery. You can discover new passions or re-connect with past interests that went to the wayside due to addiction.

Contact Sanctuary Treatment Center today to learn more about our holistic rehab and therapy in Los Angeles, California.

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