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It’s no secret addiction can cause problems in one’s mental health, relationships, wellness, and their overall life. Yet, few people take the steps needed to overcome their addiction. For this reason, our Los Angeles, CA rehab programs focus on the whole person in recovery.

Sanctuary Treatment Center in Southern California has addiction treatment programs to help them heal all aspects of their lives. We also offer a secure environment to encourage comfort and safety.

Addiction Statistics in Tarzana, CA

San Fernando Valley area of Tarzana addiction treatment

Tarzana, California, is a populated neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles County. However, LA County also has its share of problems, including addiction. As the US deals with an opioid epidemic, the number of opioid-related issues show a snapshot of addiction struggles in Los Angeles.

The following are opioid overdose statistics from the California Department of Public Health for LA County:

  • From 2018 to 2020, opioid-related deaths increased by 164%
  • In 2020, 1300 people died from opioid-related overdoses
  • Opioid overdoses contributed to 2,536 emergency department visits in 2020

In addition, the LA County Department of Public Health shares the following about other drugs and alcohol:

  • One in three young adults reported binge drinking at least once per month from 2015 to 2020
  • Data from 2008 to 2020 shows that marijuana use in LA County among all age groups was higher than the national average
  • In 2021, methamphetamine accounted for 28% of all treatment admissions in publicly funded treatment programs

The above-mentioned statistics show the need for rehab centers in LA County including Tarzana and the rest of the San Fernando Valley.

Los Angeles Addiction Rehab Programs

Rehab centers in Los Angeles, California help clients with a number of different needs. Our addiction treatment programs are in three primary categories: alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and dual diagnosis. Often, drug or alcohol addiction occurs as a result of an underlying condition. That is why each of our programs supports all areas of health and wellness with treatment choices, such as holistic rehab and family therapy.

The following are the main rehab programs we offer in Los Angeles:

How Our Los Angeles Rehab Center Works

Rehab in Los Angeles, California offers a variety of treatment therapies. We also offer aftercare plans to continue recovery after treatment. Our addiction treatment options are diverse and offer many choices. Our goal is to help clients achieve recovery and maintain long-term sobriety. 

It’s vital those who need treatment take the steps to recover because given too much time, they may make excuses to avoid treatment. The body and mind have challenges during drug and alcohol withdrawal. Our addiction treatment center can properly evaluate them.

First, we can figure out what type of detox program is best for them. After detox, we can plan continued treatment, like inpatient rehab or outpatient services. We can also evaluate someone with a dual diagnosis of both substance use and mental health disorders.

During inpatient rehab, clients have several treatment options. They might participate in family therapy, or they can try holistic rehab to focus on the mind, body, and spirit. In addition, we encourage our clients to support one another throughout their recovery. This helps foster a community of support and security that creates the healing environment of Sanctuary Treatment Center.

People attending our Los Angeles rehab treatment center

Begin Rehab Today in Los Angeles, CA

Untreated addiction can create challenges in the lives of both addicts and their loved ones. While there is no cure for the disease of addiction, treatment can help many people reclaim their lives. Our rehab center in Los Angeles, California, is here to help you or your loved one take back your life from addiction.

Contact Sanctuary Treatment Center today to begin your journey of recovery.

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