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If you have an addiction to crack or know someone who does, you may wonder what crack addiction treatment is like. Crack rehab consists of different levels of care that teach a person to live a substance-free life. Sanctuary Treatment Center offers a complete package of treatment programs that begins with our world-class crack detox plan. From there, you can easily transition into our residential or outpatient programs, which provide a variety of addiction-specific therapy modalities. Our staff of experienced clinicians offers medical and psychological support to help people learn to embrace a sober life. We also provide any necessary medications to help minimize withdrawal symptoms.

What is Crack Addiction Treatment?

Crack is a stimulant drug made by converting powdered cocaine into rock form. It is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance, meaning it has a high potential for abuse. The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse stated that approximately 6,222,000 Americans aged 12 and older had used crack at least once during their lives. Addiction can set in after just a couple of uses of this dangerous drug. When this happens, it takes a professional crack addiction treatment program to allow a person to learn how to quit using the drug. 

Crack rehab consists of two or three stages of treatment. The first step is going to drug detox, which provides medical supervision for the important first days of becoming sober. After completing detox, some people move to a residential program, which provides comfortable housing while they continue learning to live without crack. 

After residential treatment ends, many people begin outpatient care. Those who don’t need the focused care of residential treatment can move straight to an outpatient program after leaving detox. Outpatient care takes place during the day, which allows the individual to return to living in their homes at night and on the weekends. 

People healing at our crack addiction treatment center

What Happens at a Crack Rehab Center?

The first step that happens when someone goes to crack addiction treatment is they receive a full diagnosis. We evaluate each person so we understand the history and severity of their addiction. This allows us to create a schedule of therapy sessions that best suit the person’s unique needs and treatment goals. 

Getting help for substance use disorders involves attending therapy sessions that help people overcome addiction. Some therapy modalities are conducted one-on-one while others involve group therapy sessions. The goal is to help people understand the nature of addiction as well as the fact that they have the power to overcome it. We teach people to develop healthy coping skills they can use if they feel the urge to relapse. 

Someone mired in crack addiction for a long period of time often loses the ability to eat healthy foods and enjoy exercise. For this reason, we also teach things like learning about good nutrition and incorporating body movement into a person’s life. Something as simple as a healthy meal and time spent doing yoga or engaging in art or music therapy can help center a person’s mind.

What Are the Benefits of Our Crack Addiction Treatment Center?

When we created our crack addiction treatment program, we put together a highly skilled staff of addiction treatment experts. Each one brings to the table their experience and skill set for helping people recognize the damage crack addiction has done to their lives. Our staff members partner with each person they treat to help them learn healthy coping skills that replace abusing drugs.

When someone stops using crack, they inevitably experience withdrawal symptoms. These can range from physical to psychological and some can even be dangerous. Our staff monitors each person throughout each level of treatment for signs of withdrawal symptoms. They can administer medical support including prescription medications that ease the symptoms. In addition, therapy provides an outlet to help deal with any symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and mood swings. 

We believe in providing support long after someone has graduated from treatment with us. We do this by providing a plan for aftercare that helps people stay sober for the rest of their lives. Some people may continue with outpatient options like individual or group therapy with us. 

Begin Treatment for Crack Addiction in Los Angeles, CA

Have you wondered what crack addiction treatment is like but don’t know where to turn for answers? There are a few different levels of crack rehab and Sanctuary Treatment Center offers all of them. The first step is our detox program, which provides vital medical support for people first going off crack usage. From there, we can treat the individual as part of our outpatient or residential programs. During each level of care, our doctors, nurses, and mental health counselors offer life-saving support that helps you learn to avoid relapsing. Our combination of evidence-based therapies and any necessary medications helps make sobriety a reality for everyone.

Would you like to speak to someone on our admissions staff about how we can help you stop using crack? Contact us today and let the healing begin.

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