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When someone pictures going to rehab for addiction, they often think of a stereotypical scene from a movie or TV show. They picture a person facing their disease alone or only attending individual therapy appointments. In fact, group therapy provides a wonderful opportunity to help people overcome their substance use disorders. Sanctuary Treatment Center recognizes this asset and provides group therapy in Los Angeles as part of our overall treatment plan. The type of peer support that comes with group therapy helps people feel comfortable opening up and speaking honestly. As a result, the individual finds another tool for their recovery kit that helps them stay sober for life.

What is Group Therapy in Los Angeles Like?

Group therapy in Los Angeles, California takes place under the direction of one or more therapists who oversee the sessions. The people in the group have a condition in common, such as mental illness, addiction to drugs or alcohol, or other challenges. While the size of the group can vary, there are typically about five to fifteen people per group. Groups may meet weekly or more often. 

When someone new begins attending group therapy, the therapist will introduce them and allow time for the person to become comfortable speaking up. Sometimes a particular topic will be introduced for everyone to discuss. Other times, members will be encouraged to bring up their own experiences, feelings, or other situations they would like to discuss. A free-flowing discussion allows people to give their input and both provide and receive support. The therapist’s goal is to create an environment that feels safe and nurturing and allows people to open up about what’s on their minds. 

About group therapy in Los Angeles, CA

What Does Group Therapy During Rehab Treat?

Group therapy in Los Angeles provides valuable help for people who have a variety of kinds of substance use disorders. This includes the following types of addiction:

Group therapy can also help people who have a dual diagnosis, which is the presence of both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. 

Benefits of Attending Group Therapy

When someone has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, they often feel alone. They may isolate themselves from loved ones and stop socializing with their friends. Attending group therapy in Los Angeles, CA provides the benefit of being around other people on a regular basis. As well, everyone in the group has something vital in common, which fosters an environment in which people can speak honestly. 

During group therapy for addiction, members can work on learning how to avoid triggers that lead to relapse. They can talk about the challenges they face and how to use healthy coping skills to make sure they stay sober. Discussions related to substance abuse don’t just focus on how to avoid getting high or drunk. Topics related to work, school, family relationships, and dating as they relate to staying sober can also be discussed. This gives everyone an opportunity to troubleshoot potential problems and suggest solutions to deal with them.

Many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol also struggle with a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. Group therapy offers an opportunity to talk about how these symptoms manifest and ways to minimize them. 

How to Find the Best Group Therapy

When looking for group therapy, it’s important to think about the specific needs each person wants to meet. Group therapy can take place as part of a residential or inpatient program or on an outpatient basis. In either case, when the individual wants help overcoming addiction, they will want to attend group therapy that focuses on that topic. Group therapy for substance use disorders should be led by a therapist trained to treat addiction. They should have experience working with groups who work together with the goal of staying sober. 

If the person seeking therapy lives in the Los Angeles area, they will want to find a group that is convenient to their location. While Los Angeles, California has a lot of options for therapy programs, it’s worth it for each person to do their research. They should feel free to call treatment centers to discuss how their group therapy sessions work and who leads them. The most progress can be made when a person is well-matched to the program that understands and addresses their particular needs. 

Begin Group Therapy in Los Angeles, California

Have you thought about getting help for addiction but aren’t sure what all that entails? Modern approaches to overcoming substance use disorders include the use of group therapy in rehab. Sanctuary Treatment Center provides group therapy in Los Angeles that lets people come together in the pursuit of learning how to stay sober. The opportunity to give and receive support from others can help people make tremendous progress. For this reason, we include group therapy as part of our levels of care for addiction to drugs and alcohol.

If you would like to find out more about how group therapy can help you improve your physical and mental health, contact us today. Our admissions staff is happy to walk you through how our program works and how to get started.

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