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Medetomidine in Illicit Drugs

Public health officials have recently begun to sound the alarm about a new street drug that may be responsible for overdose surges in a few large U.S. cities. This drug, medetomidine, is typically added to fentanyl and other illicit recreational substances during the manufacturing process. This means that many people who are harmed by it […]

Chroming and this Dangerous Trend

You may not have heard about chroming, but your children probably have. This dangerous behavior isn’t new, but it has recently received renewed attention through social media. When you understand what chroming looks like and why it can be so harmful, you’ll be better prepared to keep your loved ones safe. What is Chroming? Chroming […]

Kratom Withdrawal

Don’t believe the myth that kratom is safe and non-addictive. Using this drug can put you in grave danger – and if you develop an addiction, the intensity of kratom withdrawal can make it extremely difficult for you to stop using it. What is Kratom? Kratom is the name of a tree that grows in […]

Cost of Sober Living in California

Sober living residences in California fill a vital need for individuals who don’t have a supportive home to return to after they have completed an addiction treatment program or while they are enrolled in an outpatient rehab.  Contact Sanctuary Treatment Center at (888) 584-4314 to learn the exact cost of our sober living. About Sober […]

Smoking Salvia: Effects & Dangers

Its effects have been compared to LSD and magic mushrooms – but unlike those drugs, salvia is legal in several U.S. states and many other nations. What is salvia, where did it come from, and (perhaps most important of all) how dangerous is it? What is Salvia? Salvia (full name: salvia divinorum) is an herb […]

Alcohol Shakes: Am I an Alcoholic?

Alcohol shakes can be a sign that a person’s drinking has reached a perilous point. If you have been experiencing this symptom, but you don’t take the appropriate steps to end your alcohol use, you may be exposing yourself to life-threatening consequences. What are Alcohol Shakes? Alcohol shakes are one of the symptoms of alcohol […]

Adderall Rehab: What to Expect

Millions of people take Adderall on a prescription basis to alleviate the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Most people who use this medication as directed don’t experience harmful effects. But those who intentionally abuse the drug put themselves at risk for a variety of negative outcomes, including Adderall addiction. Luckily, help for this addiction is […]

Understanding Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS)

Alcohol is one of the most frequently abused substances in the United States, and alcohol use disorder (alcoholism) is one of the most common addictions. Once someone has developed this disorder, the distress of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) can make it extremely difficult for them to quit drinking. This can be particularly true of people […]

Using EMDR for Treating Addiction

EMDR was originally developed to help individuals whose lives had been impacted by posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other effects of trauma. In the decades since this approach was introduced, it has also been effectively incorporated into treatment for other mental and behavioral health concerns, such as EMDR for addiction. How Does EMDR Therapy Work? […]

Cocaine in the Blood Stream

The onset and intensity of cocaine’s effects can depend on how a person ingests the drug and what route it takes to enter the bloodstream. Once a person has cocaine in the blood, these effects are typically brief – but someone may test positive on a blood test long after the drug’s effects have subsided. […]

We Take Insurance!

Sanctuary Treatment Center accepts most private PPO insurance plans, as well as some private HMO plans. Through private insurance plans, individuals and families can access high quality addiction treatment services. If you have questions regarding insurances, please give us a call.

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