Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Untreated cocaine addiction can be devastating. But when you make the courageous choice to get cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles, the Sanctuary Treatment Center team can put you on the path to improved health and long-term recovery.

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Dangers of Cocaine Use

There is no such thing as safe cocaine use. Every time you use this powerful stimulant, you put yourself in considerable danger. The longer you continue to abuse cocaine, the greater your risk becomes for long-term harm. The potential negative effects of cocaine use include:

  • High blood pressure 
  • Heart damage
  • Cardiac arrythmia 
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Lung damage
  • Exposure to hepatitis and HIV/AIDS
  • Cognitive problems
  • Financial devastation
  • Legal problems, including arrest and incarceration
  • Mental health concerns
  • Social withdrawal and isolation
  • Seizure
  • Stroke
  • Overdose
  • Death

Signs & Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

People who become addicted to cocaine often go to great lengths to hide their substance use. This means that it can be difficult to determine if someone you know needs cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles. 

If you suspect that someone has a problem, here are some common signs and symptoms of cocaine abuse:

  • Drastic changes in energy level
  • Diminished appetite and resultant weight loss
  • Periods of excessive talkativeness
  • Dramatic mood swings
  • Uncharacteristic outbursts of anger
  • Unexplained financial problems
  • Dilated (wide open) pupils
  • Frequent runny nose
  • Withdrawing from friends and family

If you have begun to exhibit the following signs, you may be addicted to cocaine

  • Devoting considerable time and money to acquiring and using cocaine
  • Using cocaine in combination with other drugs or in other extremely dangerous ways
  • Becoming anxious or agitated when they can’t use cocaine
  • Needing to use larger amounts of the drug to experience its effects
  • Continuing to use cocaine even after prior use of the drug has led to health concerns, legal problems, job loss, relationship difficulties, and/or other setbacks
  • Trying to stop using the drug, but being incapable of doing so

Thankfully, cocaine addiction is a treatable condition. When you get proper professional cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles, you can regain control of your life and resist the compulsion to abuse cocaine. 

How Does Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles Work?

At Sanctuary Treatment Center, cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles is a highly customized experience. When you receive care at our facility, we will assess your needs and develop the plan that will empower you to achieve your objectives. Depending on your specific circumstances, your care may include detox, residential treatment, and/or outpatient care.


If intense withdrawal symptoms have prevented you from ending your cocaine use, you may need to begin your treatment with cocaine detox in Los Angeles. 

During detox, you will be cared for by a team of dedicated professionals. These experts can ensure that you remain safe throughout your time in detox. They can also help you manage the distress of withdrawal. Then, once you have completed our cocaine detox in Los Angeles, you can transfer directly into a residential or outpatient program.

Residential Treatment

At Sanctuary Treatment Center, residential cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles features several types of therapy as well as round-the-clock supervision. At this level of care, you will live at our facility. Being in this supportive drug-free environment can help you gain a strong foothold in early recovery.

Our residential services include individual, group, and family therapy; cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); dialectical behavior therapy (DBT); and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. We also offer neurofeedback and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy. The components of your residential treatment plan will reflect your unique needs.  

Outpatient Treatment

Some people enter treatment at the outpatient level. Others step down to our outpatient program for continued support after they have completed residential care. 

At the outpatient level, you will need to be at our center only when treatment is in session. During non-treatment hours, or on the days when you’re not scheduled to receive care, you can work, take classes, and otherwise enjoy a healthy independent life.

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Benefits of Treatment for Cocaine Addiction in Los Angeles

There is no single form of addiction treatment that is perfect for everyone. When you are seeking treatment, you want to find the provider whose services match your needs, goals, and expectations. Here are a few reasons why our cocaine addiction treatment center in Los Angeles may be right for you:

  • Your care will be provided by a team of highly skilled professionals.
  • If you have depression, anxiety, or another co-occurring mental health disorder, we can provide the necessary services to address these issues as well.
  • While you are in treatment, you will have opportunities to share support with others who are also receiving care for addiction. This can introduce you to the power of active engagement with other members of the recovery community.
  • Sharing support with other clients can also help you overcome the isolation that often results from active addiction. No matter how you felt before you arrived at our center, once you are here you will know that you are not alone.
  • Family therapy can teach your loved ones how to best support your recovery efforts. Family therapy sessions can also help you resolve conflicts with the people who are most important to you. 
  • After you complete cocaine detox in Los Angeles, your inpatient or outpatient treatment can help you develop the skills you need to manage cravings, avoid triggers, and resist relapse.
  • Before you leave our center, we will provide you with information about the community-based services that can help you throughout your recovery journey.

Begin Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, California

Don’t let cocaine take any more from you than it already has. Make today the day you begin to reclaim your life. With effective treatment and comprehensive support, you can achieve the future you deserve. To learn more about comprehensive cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles, contact us today.

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