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It’s no secret drug and alcohol addiction ruins lives. When co-occurring mental health issues are also present, a person might give up home on living a healthy life. However, there is hope for recovery from addiction and mental health. Our Tarzana detox and inpatient rehab center in Southern California, is here to help you achieve a life that is worth living. 

Remember that life doesn’t get better until you make a change. While change can be scary, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to Sanctuary Treatment Center today to change your life for the better.

“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

Hermann Hesse, German-Swiss novelist, poet, and painter
Recovery at Tarzana treatment center

Recovery at Our Tarzana Treatment Center

Our treatment center is located in a beautiful and secluded area in Tarzana, California. Here, our clients can truly focus on their recovery within our tranquil and welcoming environment. Unlike most addiction treatment centers, we offer an intimate experience for all our clients with only a few people being treated at one time. 

Our Tarzana rehab centers have only six beds in total. Clients can develop close connections with their peers while also getting the full attention of our dedicated staff. In fact, client-centered principles inform all of what we do at Sanctuary.

We value individualized treatment planning for all our clients. In other words, our clients have choices throughout their addiction treatment programs. We offer many pathways so our clients can find their own road to recovery.

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    Who Do We Treat?

    Our programs help to treat not only addiction but the root causes of addiction. As a result, our clients get the best treatment and leave our Tarzana rehab center with a low risk of relapse. While we specialize in treating addiction, we also help with co-occurring mental health disorders through our dual diagnosis treatment program. 

    According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), “about half of the individuals who experience a [substance use disorder] during their lives will also experience a co-occurring mental disorder and vice versa.” This is why we treat both mental health and substance use disorders together.

    Along with substance use disorder, we treat some of the most common co-occurring issues at our Tarzana treatment center including:

    • Depression
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Self-esteem issues
    • Grief and loss
    • Trauma
    • Bipolar disorder

    Most people use substances to self-medicate for problems like these and others. Sometimes, they don’t realize the underlying causes of their addiction until they detox and begin treatment. So, we offer a range of services that our clients can choose from as they learn more about themselves during treatment.

    Services at Our Addiction Treatment Center in Tarzana, CA

    We offer several services for people getting their lives back from drug and alcohol addiction. Our Tarzana treatment center programs can help clients from the first stages of detox and inpatient rehab to outpatient treatment and aftercare. Therefore, we have something for everyone, no matter where they are in their recovery.

    At Sanctuary, we offer the following services for our clients:

    • Alcohol and drug addiction treatment
    • Inpatient detox
    • Residential treatment
    • Trauma therapy
    • Neurofeedback
    • TMS treatment
    • Family services
    • Holistic rehab
    • Outpatient programs
    • Food and nutrition
    • Aftercare planning

    Our services can help clients find what they need to get better. By offering several types of services, clients can customize their treatment plans. We also invite clients to try new things to see what works. Overall, we feel that the more tools that a person has, the more likely they will be to meet their treatment goals. 

    In addition, these services help set our clients up for a lifetime of health and wellness in recovery:

    Benefits of Attending Our Detox and Rehab Centers in Southern California

    Our clients gain many benefits by entering treatment with us. These benefits can last a lifetime, and we are here to set our clients up for success. We also like to include families in the treatment process. When families heal together, each family member can grow and thrive as a result.

    Clients can expect the following benefits from attending our treatment center in Tarzana:

    • Peer support from like-minded individuals in recovery
    • Improved relationships with family members and loved ones
    • Learn more about the disease of addiction
    • Gain new coping skills for stress and cravings
    • Better outcomes for all areas of health—physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual
    • Relapse prevention strategies and valuable life skills
    • Find healthy, sober activities and hobbies to find fun without drugs and alcohol
    • Start dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders

    At Sanctuary, we hope to help clients gain these benefits and more. Our aim is for our clients to leave here ready to live their best lives in recovery. Let us guide you along your new pathway to recovery!

    Contact Our Addiction Detox and Rehab Center in Tarzana, CA

    Addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders can lower a person’s quality of life when left untreated. Unfortunately, many people never seek treatment for these disorders. However, at Sanctuary Treatment Center in Tarzana, California, we offer hope to those ready and willing to make a change. Our treatment programs have something for everyone no matter what their needs are in recovery.

    Contact us today to learn more about our Tarzana treatment center in Southern California.

    We Take Insurance!

    Sanctuary Treatment Center accepts most private PPO insurance plans, as well as some private HMO plans. Through private insurance plans, individuals and families can access high quality addiction treatment services. If you have questions regarding insurances, please give us a call.

    Sanctuary Treatment Center in Los Angeles is a Joint Commission accredited rehab center

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