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There are many forms of addiction therapy at our treatment centers in Los Angeles, California. These services provide a variety of options that help to improve each individuals overall treatment plans. Take a look through our list of therapies to understand what they are used for in an addiction treatment recovery plan.

Each type of therapy has its own benefits for those who are recovering from addiction, mental health conditions, or dual diagnosis disorders. Understanding how they are used will help determine what path to explore.

Begin Addiction Therapy in Los Angeles, California

At Sanctuary Treatment Center in Los Angeles, CA, we offer many addiction therapy options for the client and treatment team to choose from. In turn, this is more likely to achieve a successful recovery journey. Additionally, we offer the most recent and essential long-standing therapies for a successful journey free from relapse. Your goals to live a healthy and sober lifestyle are our goals for each individual who gets care in our treatment center. Addiction therapy in Los Angeles, California, is waiting for you.

Contact us to begin transforming your life through these helpful and successful therapy programs!

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    Sanctuary Treatment Center accepts most private PPO insurance plans, as well as some private HMO plans. Through private insurance plans, individuals and families can access high quality addiction treatment services. If you have questions regarding insurances, please give us a call.

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