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The illegal drug crack started making the news back in the 1980s as addiction to it became a problem across the country. While it doesn’t feature in headlines as much these days, it still drastically affects the lives of many people. Crack addiction causes tremendous damage to a person’s physical and mental health and keeps them from enjoying the benefits of a substance-free life. Sanctuary Treatment Center offers a highly effective crack detox program that helps people get off this drug quickly. We offer medical support that helps minimize withdrawal symptoms and ensures a person’s safety. From there, we offer additional treatment at our residential and outpatient facilities. 

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Detoxing From Crack

What is a Crack Detox?

Crack is a type of cocaine manufactured by combining powdered cocaine with other items to create a solid substance. From there, it is broken off into tiny rock pieces and smoked. Crack is a highly addictive narcotic that is illegal across the United States. The high produced when smoking crack is quite intense but short-lived. Because it ends quickly, people using this drug tend to take multiple dosages that accrue over time. 

Someone who uses crack can become addicted after just a few usages. Once they develop a substance use disorder, the individual will require professional help. The first step is going to crack detox, which provides safe supervision around the clock while the person’s body adjusts to living without the drug. Medical assistance will be provided to help minimize withdrawal symptoms that occur. A crack detox program typically takes seven to ten days.

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What to Expect During Crack Detox

The first thing that happens at a crack detox program is a full assessment of each person who arrives. The staff evaluates them to understand what their addiction has been like and what withdrawal symptoms are most likely to occur. As a result, a schedule can be made for each day that includes a healthy mix of therapy sessions and medical evaluations. 

While withdrawal symptoms do occur, the medications and emotional support provided help each person have an easier time while they stay in detox. They can explore important issues like what led to their addiction and how they can make changes in their post-treatment lives that support staying clear of using crack again. 

A recommendation for what treatment to begin after detox will also be discussed. The longer a person stays active in addiction treatment, the longer they are likely to avoid succumbing to triggers to relapse. 

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What’s Next?

What Happens After Crack Detox?

While a crack detox program is necessary to begin recovery from addiction, it is just the first step. During the detox process, the staff evaluates each person to determine which next step will provide the best fit for them. Many people still need the intensive type of treatment that comes with living in a facility. For them, the best choice after detox is to move to inpatient addiction treatment. This continues the 24/7 monitoring that keeps the person focused on staying sober. 

After inpatient care, or as an alternative to it for those who don’t need it, comes outpatient treatment. This type of program allows the person to return to their home and visit a facility for daytime appointments. All post-detox programs include vital addiction-related therapies and continued support to help ease withdrawal symptoms. 

Once formal treatment ends, the best option for ensuring a person has a bright future and the ability to stay drug-free includes rehab aftercare. Staff members can assess each person before they leave treatment so they can recommend the right aftercare options for their situation. 

Safe and Comfortable Detoxification

Benefits of Going to Detox for Crack Addiction

One of the biggest concerns a person considering going to crack detox has is the withdrawal symptoms. Because crack addiction takes such a stronghold on a person, they can expect to experience at least a few withdrawal symptoms. They can be physically and emotionally draining, and dangerous, as well. A big benefit of our program is that we immediately monitor everyone when they arrive for withdrawal symptoms. From there, we can provide a variety of options to help ease and eliminate many of the symptoms. This approach helps the person have an easier time detoxing and greatly improves the odds that they won’t quickly relapse.

Another benefit comes with the support received by the staff. Substance use disorder treatment professionals have experience helping people overcome crack addiction. They approach everyone they treat with compassion and give them a safe space to open up about their experiences, emotions, and fears. 

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Once an addiction to crack takes hold, a person’s entire life and health become compromised  Crack is a particularly dangerous narcotic and it takes professional care to help someone stop using it. Sanctuary Treatment Center offers a crack detox program that provides the all-important first step to becoming sober. Our staff of addiction experts includes medical intervention to help ease withdrawal symptoms and make detox easier to get through. We also provide subsequent care from our residential and outpatient treatment. 

Do you want help getting off crack and would like more information about how our program works? Contact us now and find out how easy it is to get started. 

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