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If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, going to a detox center can be the best choice. Detox centers are unique places that help people stop drinking alcohol. Sanctuary Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, is one of these alcohol detox centers. We provide medical and emotional support to help people during the detox process. Today, we will learn about the importance of detox, the benefits of going to a detox center, the dangers of detoxing without help, what happens during detox, what happens after detox, and how to start the process at Sanctuary Treatment Center.

What is an Alcohol Detox Center?

An alcohol detox center is a specialized medical facility that is dedicated to helping individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction to stop drinking. The primary goal of our Los Angeles alcohol detox center is to provide a safe, controlled environment where individuals can detox from alcohol in a medically supervised setting.

The process of alcohol detox can be challenging, as it can cause a number of uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. That’s why the staff at our alcohol detox center will provide medical and emotional support to help make the process as smooth and easy as possible. This may include administering medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, providing counseling and therapy to address underlying emotional issues, and offering emotional support to help individuals cope with the challenges of detox.

Additionally, our staff will monitor patients’ vital signs to ensure they are safe and healthy during the detox process. Overall, an alcohol detox center is a valuable resource for individuals who are committed to breaking free from the grip of alcohol addiction and starting on the path to recovery.

Benefits of Attending Our Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles, CA

There are many benefits of going to our alcohol detox center in Los Angeles, California. These benefits include:

  1. Medical help: Medical professionals can help during the detox process and ensure everything is okay.
  2. Medications: Medicine can be given to help with withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  3. Emotional support: Detox centers can provide emotional support to make the process easier.
  4. Better chance of success: Going to a detox center increases the chances of successfully stopping drinking.
Benefits of our alcohol detox in Los Angeles California

Dangers of Alcohol Withdrawal Without Medical Supervision

Trying to detox from alcohol without professional help can be very dangerous. This is why it is important to seek an alcohol detox center such as Sanctuary in Los Angeles, California. Some dangers of detoxing from alcohol without medical supervision include:

  1. Seizures: People may have seizures which can lead to injury or death.
  2. Delirium Tremens: This is a state of confusion, agitation, and hallucinations. It can be dangerous.
  3. Suicidal thoughts: People may have thoughts of suicide. This is very serious, and help should be sought immediately.
  4. Relapse: People who don’t get help during detox have a higher chance of going back to drinking.

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Timeline

The timeline for alcohol withdrawal varies for each person. It depends on how long they’ve been drinking and how much they drink. Symptoms usually start within 6-12 hours after the last drink and can last for several days. Symptoms may include:

  1. Tremors: Shaking in the hands and other parts of the body.
  2. Insomnia: Difficulty sleeping.
  3. Anxiety and agitation: Feeling anxious and upset.
  4. Nausea and vomiting: Feeling sick to your stomach and throwing up.
  5. Sweating: Sweating more than usual.
  6. Hallucinations: Seeing things that aren’t real in severe cases.

What to Expect at Our Los Angeles Detoxification Center

When you go to Sanctuary Treatment Center, we will do an assessment to figure out the best plan for you. Our team of medical professionals and therapists will then create a treatment plan that is right for you. This may include medication and various forms of therapy.

During your stay, you may experience the onset of withdrawal symptoms. But, with the help of our detox team, we can ease the symptoms which will make the entire process more bearable.

Once you are nearing completion of our Los Angeles alcohol detox, we will work with you to plan your next steps in recovery.

What Happens After Alcohol Detox?

After completing our Los Angeles, CA, alcohol detox program, it’s important to continue getting help. This may include going to inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, therapy, and support groups. The team at Sanctuary Treatment Center will work with you to figure out the best next steps for your recovery.

Begin Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles, California

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s important to get professional help. Sanctuary Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California, provides alcohol detox services to help people stop drinking and start the recovery process. Contact us today to learn more and to begin the process.

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