Cost of sober living in California

Cost of Sober Living in California

Sober living residences in California fill a vital need for individuals who don’t have a supportive home to return to after they have completed an addiction treatment program or while they are enrolled in an outpatient rehab. 

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About Sober Living in California

California, sober living residences (which are often referred to as sober living homes, sober living houses, or simply sober living) are supportive home-like environments where people can live while they are working to establish a foothold in early recovery. These residences are typically designed for people who are currently in an outpatient program or who have recently completed treatment.

Each residence has it own rules and procedures, but here are some common features of sober living in California:

  • Accountability: For their safety and for the safety of others who are living in the home, residents usually must agree to random drug tests, and possibly unannounced searches of their belongings, to ensure that the environment remains free of substances and other prohibited items.
  • Activities: Some sober livings have on-site support group meetings that all residents must attend. Others may require residents to attend off-site peer support meetings. Some houses mandate that residents be in treatment, while others expect residents to either be employed, looking for a job, doing volunteer work, or engaged in other approved activities.
  • Responsibilities: Sober living residents are usually required to perform certain household chores or duties, such as cleaning, helping with meal preparation, doing dishes, or maintaining the yard.  
  • Structure: Whether you are in a peer-run or professionally supported sober living residence, you will have to adhere to a variety of house rules, some of which we have already discussed in this section. For someone who has recently stopped using alcohol or other drugs, vast stretches of unstructured time can be dangerous. A structured environment can help you fill your days with healthy and productive pursuits.

How Much Does Sober Living in California Cost?

Monthly rent at sober living residences can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Factors that can influence the cost of sober living in California include:

  • Which city and neighborhood the house is located in
  • If residents have private or shared rooms
  • If cable, Wi-Fi, meals, or other amenities are included 
  • If meetings, counseling, or other recovery services are provided
  • If fitness training, massage, supervised recreational activities, and similar services are offered
  • If the house is affiliated with a treatment center, or is privately owned and operated
  • If the house is peer-run or staffed by professionals
  • If rent is a set rate for all residents or determined on a needs-based sliding scale

Once you have identified one or more sober living residences in your area that offer the structure and support you need, contact the homes directly to discuss availability and determine cost.

Is Going to a Sober Living Worth It?

Customization is the key to almost every aspect of addiction treatment. A facility, program, or therapy that is perfect for one person might have limited value to someone else. The same holds true for sober living. Not everyone needs this service – but for those who do, sober living can make a lasting positive difference in their lives.

Here are a few examples of why sober living is worth it:

  • You will be in a drug-free environment. If you can benefit from extra support as you begin your recovery journey, or if you’re working to remain sober in the aftermath of a relapse, being around people who are using alcohol or other substances can be extremely difficult. When you’re in a sober living residence, you won’t have to worry about being exposed to drug abuse.
  • You will be among others who are working toward a similar goal. Every person who is in recovery is walking their own path. But these paths often overlap or run parallel with each other. In a sober living residence, you will be living with people who have had similar challenges and who are also in the process of building a foundation for long-term recovery. These individuals can be sources of motivation, inspiration, and guidance. They can also serve as valuable reminders that you are not alone.
  • You can practice your recovery skills. While you are living in a sober living residence, you will be able to use skills that are essential for establishing and maintaining healthy sober relationships. Examples of these important skills include treating others with respect, setting and maintaining healthy boundaries, sharing support, advocating for your needs in an appropriate manner, and resolving conflicts.
  • You will have a safe space. There’s no point in trying to hide the fact that recovery can be hard. This can be especially true during moments of transition, such as when you’ve just entered or completed treatment. While maintaining your newly earned sobriety, you may also need to find a job, meet certain court-ordered responsibilities, begin to rebuild relationships, and deal with myriad other challenges. Knowing that you have a safe and supportive place waiting for you at the end of the day can make a world of difference.

Contact Sanctuary Treatment Center About Sober Living in California

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Our rehab center in Los Angeles offers a full continuum of care, including detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient programming. If you can benefit from a supportive sober living home while you are in our outpatient program or after you have transitioned out of our care, we will be happy to refer you to trusted residences in the LA area.

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