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Using EMDR for Treating Addiction

EMDR was originally developed to help individuals whose lives had been impacted by posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other effects of trauma. In the decades since this approach was introduced, it has also been effectively incorporated into treatment for other mental and behavioral health concerns, such as EMDR for addiction. How Does EMDR Therapy Work? […]

Cocaine in the Blood Stream

The onset and intensity of cocaine’s effects can depend on how a person ingests the drug and what route it takes to enter the bloodstream. Once a person has cocaine in the blood, these effects are typically brief – but someone may test positive on a blood test long after the drug’s effects have subsided. […]

Understanding the Speedball Drug Cocktail

Comedians John Belushi, Chris Farley, and Mitch Hedberg are among the many people who have died of drug overdoses that involved heroin and cocaine. Unfortunately, this dangerous combination, which is often referred to as a speedball drug, remains popular among people who are seeking a particular type of recreational high. What is the Speedball Drug? […]

Snorting Meth: Effects and Dangers

Methamphetamine is a dangerous substance that can have a catastrophic effect on a person’s life. People who snort meth (or who use the drug in other ways) put themselves at risk for a range of devastating outcomes, including addiction, overdose, and death. Can People Snort Meth? Snorting meth is one of many techniques used by […]

Dangers of Gas Station Heroin

Many addiction experts and public health officials have begun to sound the alarm about a dangerous drug that may be surprisingly easy for people of all ages to acquire. Known as gas station heroin, this substance can cause considerable harm, including addiction, overdose, and death. What is Gas Station Heroin? The term “gas station heroin” […]

DUI Questions Answered

Anyone who drives after drinking alcohol or using other drugs risks a wide range of negative outcomes, including being arrested for DUI. In today’s post, we answer many common questions about DUIs in the United States. Frequently Asked Questions About DUIs What is a DUI? DUI is short for “driving under the influence.” Many people […]

How to Stop Drug and Alcohol Cravings

The ability to manage drug cravings can be an essential recovery skill. If you’re not able to do this on your own, you may benefit from therapy, education, and/or certain prescription medications. What Exactly Are Cravings? Drug cravings are intense, powerful urges to use substances. When someone attempts to end their use of a drug […]

Crack vs Meth: What are the Differences?

You are probably aware that crack and meth are powerful illegal drugs. But do you understand the similarities and differences between crack vs. meth? Increasing your knowledge of these dangerous substances can help you determine if someone that you know has been abusing them, so you can connect them with appropriate care before it’s too […]

Yellow Eyes From Drinking Alcohol

Yellow eyes from drinking alcohol can be a sign of a serious, potentially fatal, health problem. Anyone who experiences this symptom should seek immediate medical attention. What Does it Mean When Your Eyes Turn Yellow From Drinking Alcohol? If you develop yellow eyes from drinking alcohol (or alcoholic jaundice), this may mean that you have […]

Helping Parents of Addicted Loved Ones

Parents of addicted loved ones often face challenges that can quickly become overwhelming. But when you get the right help – both for your child and yourself – you can get through this difficult time and emerge as healthier people and a more cohesive and supportive unit. Understanding Addiction in The Family Addiction is often […]

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